Avatar Babaji Foundation® (ABF)

With the Divine Blessings and Inspiration of  Himalayas Mahavatar Babaji, we founded ABF www.avatarbabaji.org  to spred Avatar Babaji messages and Kriya Yoga to World.

Presently, the site offers information about the Life, Works and Teachings of Avatar Babaji and the Service Activities undertaken by the various Trusts and Organisations under the Avatar Babaji Movement. Besides, for the convenience of the devotees.

This website is an effort to share information about our endeavors in the fields of Human Values, Social Service, Value-based Education and Healthcare.

We sincerely hope that the website will inspire the devotees towards transformation, moral regeneration and dedication to nobler ideals.


Why ABF ?

AB Foundation is strongly committed towards  Universal Peace , Divine Values, Self Realization, Rural Development, Environmental Care, Education.
* To publicize the occurrence of Universal Peace , Divine Values and Self Realization in our society through various media.
* To publicize the occurrence of Universal Peace and Self Realization in our society through various media.
* To set up an India Centric Website for people with no hope in life.
* To conduct courses on Divine Values.
* To network with support groups for Universal Peace, Divine Values and Self Realization and to form support groups where necessary.
* To translate into regional languages all important literature messages regarding Mahavatar Babaji.
* To send a monthly newsletter to all members regarding latest developments on Universal Peace and Self Realization.
* To be a nodal agency and interact with Government Agencies and other NGO’s in areas related to us.
* To provide scholarships and free education for people who are poor and physically disabled.
* To take up regarding proper health delivery systems for people with health disorders.
* To interact with international agencies in the same field of activity.
* To establish Centres in other states of India.
* To take up all such related activity as may be deemed necessary to fulfil the objectives and mission.

We going to Establish our 10 crore project “Avatar Babaji Ashrama” branch in the name of Mahavatar Babaji in the desert place Sira, Tumkur District. From this AB Foundation we serve the people in all the way  to get success in life .

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