AB Foundation is strongly committed towards the following:-

  • To provide homes for underprivileged children and elderly citizens in India.
  • To provide value education for disabled children and make education an important tool for the cultivation of social and moral values.
  • To establish our own schools and colleges to disabled children, Poor childs in village.
  • By planting Trees every year we try to save world Environment.
  • Meditation, Yoga and spiritual teaching to Village people and all.


“The past years have been very challenging in the world scenario. We have seen a number of agitations flaring up almost everywhere. It is easy to create an agitation in today’s society. The frustration and stress levels are high. Any just cause can flare up emotions and get people onto the streets. However, it is a much more challenging and skillful task to create inner peace and have people stand up in a peaceful, non-violent, and happy mode to work towards collective, constructive action.

Rural Development

This gives them the skills, motivation and abilities to initiate and lead service projects in their own villages and localities based on their needs. Only a strong spiritual foundation brings self-esteem and self-confidence that is unshakeable. It is this combination of personal inner strength, as well as skills and leadership training that ensures the long-term effectiveness and sustainability of this programme. Organic Farming The ABF going to conduct Chemical Free Farming Workshops. The workshop covers techniques for organic farming, making the farmers aware of the harm that is caused by the usage of chemicals in the fields and how the yield decreases gradually due to the usage of chemicals.


A local volunteer was appointed to look after the children to give them basic lessons in hygiene, teach them educational games and to serve them free healthy food for lunch. This became a big attraction for the children and their parents, and continues to date. As the school has progressed, a formal educational structure has been established and the number of students and teachers has increased. Today this school has become a model for 383 similar free schools that are revolutionising education in rural and tribal India.

Environmental Care

In the name of Mahavatar Babaji  and moving together as a team, volunteers from around the world have initiated several environmental projects: Large scale tree plantations through Mission Green Earth, water conservation and protection including cleaning polluted rivers and zero-budget chemical-free farming which support poorer farmers to farm to farm in a way which is both economically and organically sound.

Our Objectives:

AB Foundation is strongly committed towards  Universal Peace , Divine Values, Self Realization, Rural Development, Environmental Care, Education.

* To publicize the occurrence of Universal Peace , Divine Values and Self Realization in our society through various media.
* To publicize the occurrence of Universal Peace and Self Realization in our society through various media.
* To set up an India Centric Website for people with no hope in life.
* To conduct courses on Divine Values.
* To network with support groups for Universal Peace, Divine Values and Self Realization and to form support groups where necessary.
* To translate into regional languages all important literature messages regarding Mahavatar Babaji.
* To send a monthly newsletter to all members regarding latest developments on Universal Peace and Self Realization.
* To be a nodal agency and interact with Government Agencies and other NGO’s in areas related to us.
* To provide scholarships and free education for people who are poor and physically disabled.
* To take up regarding proper health delivery systems for people with health disorders.
* To interact with international agencies in the same field of activity.
* To establish Centres in other states of India.
* To take up all such related activity as may be deemed necessary to fulfil the objectives and mission.

We going to Establish our 10 crore project “Avatar Babaji Ashrama” branch in the name of Mahavatar Babaji in the desert place Sira, Tumkur District. From this AB Foundation we serve the people in all the way  to get success in life .

Out future Project:

We going to Establish our 10 crore project Ashrama branch in the name of Mahavatar Babaji in our native place. From this AB Foundation we going to give service to our native village people. below photos are Maps of the Ashrama and where we going to do 10 acre land new Ashrama. Below is the present Ashrama god Shiva Linga.


Read more about our present Brahmananda Ashram.