Chidananda M R – Chairman, AB Foundation

Chidananda M R is a son of a former. after graduation in computer science he selected web development as carrier by starting  his private company Infiya Technologies pvt ltd.  He is very inspired by Lord Jesus Christ and Bhagavan Bhudha life story he decide to spend his life for others.

chidananda M R

Inspired by Tamil Superstar Rajinikanth Movie “Baba” and my friend Lokesh suggested kannada books “Himalayada Mahatmara Sannidhiyalli” and “Yogiya Atmakathe”. I started this AB Foundation to spread  “Saints Hidden Secrets of Meditation and Yoga” in all around the world.

 Chaitra B G – Secretary, AB Foundation

      Chaitra B G

Volunteer members and Supporters of the AB Foundation:

Lokesh M E – Senior Adviser and Supporter of AB Foundation

lokesh M E

            Lokesh who is the devotee of Mahaavatar Babaji from Mysore.

Jayathirtha B. V – ( Kannada Film Director )

      Adviser and Supporter of AB Foundation

Chandramoulesh G K – Supporter, AB Foundation

Chandramoulesh G K is a M.SC degree holder and lecturer in Sapthagiri College Bangalore.

 Sathish G K  (Police ), Bangalore– Supporter, AB Foundation

T. N Raghavendra (Charted Accountant), Tumkur– Supporter, AB Foundation

Suresh G K  ( Revenue Secretary ), Huliyar, Tumkur Dist– Supporter, AB Foundation

Anyone Supporting Avatar Babaji Foundation and Believe in Mahavatar Babaji, Shirdi Sai Baba, Puttaparthi Sai Baba, lord Krishna, Jesus Christ. Send us about yourself with a Photo, We will add you in our supporter list.